Image Licensing and Photo Copyright for real estate agents

Understanding Image Licensing and Copyright For Real Estate Agents

  Sometimes real estate agents wonder why they don’t own the photos they hire me to take. “There wouldn’t be any photos if I didn’t hire you, no?” As a real estate photographer, I periodically get questions from brokers about image copyright, image rights and licensing. It can be a confusing subject – who owns the photos after they are taken and what agents may do with them. Let’s look at the common, but often […]

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HD or HDR Photography? The answer is “Neither”.

I get asked if I do real estate HD photography. No! Because there is no such thing. “HD” – or high definition – refers only to video (and yes, I do shoot 4K high-definition video). Most modern cameras can take photos with plenty of resolution to display on high-definition monitors and for printing. Even good phone cameras can. As a real estate agent, don’t ask the photographer what camera he uses, it hardly makes any difference. A violinist […]

Photography Agreement… Should You Bother? 1

As a real estate agent, you found the photographer you like – he takes great photos, shows up on time and sends you the edited photos within a day or two. You’re excited to give him a try for your next listing. What do you do next? That’s right – review and sign a photography agreement. As a real estate photographer, I regularly hear complaints from both photographers and agents that can easily be prevented by a simple agreement at the […]

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